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Hetalia Shipping Meme by DestinysDarkProphecy Hetalia Shipping Meme :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 2 7 I was bored by DestinysDarkProphecy I was bored :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 2 2 This isn't the life of a warrior by DestinysDarkProphecy This isn't the life of a warrior :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 6 10
Just a Day at South Riverton High School
Behind the door, the farthest one down the hall of South Riverton High School located in the small town of Dover, Kentucky is my best friend, Skyler Fisher and she's a talkin' to the school's counselor. The woman is a nut-house. With bright red lipstick and curly white hair and high heels that seemed to be as all as the Statue of Liberty; Mrs. Green's loud voice is the perfect example of a crazy-old-lady-that-have-nothing-better-to-do-but-bug-the-hell-out-of-the-students and interfere with non-of-her-beeswax information.
Me, taking my place as Skyler's best friend brought it a pone myself to skip fourth period Drama and overhear their conversation. I mean, what else are friends for? Playing tag in the backyard and going to the movies with? Pfft, no! We get ourselves in deep crap for each other that's what!
With my ear to the door I could make out what they were saying:
"Whoever said such a thing are full of it!" That voice I would know anywhere was damsel and distress vocals of Skyler.
:icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 0 5
Brick's Rebellion COVER by DestinysDarkProphecy Brick's Rebellion COVER :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 4 0 2013 - Year of the Oakheart by DestinysDarkProphecy 2013 - Year of the Oakheart :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 4 9 Happy Holidays by DestinysDarkProphecy Happy Holidays :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 22 0 Adoptable 3 by DestinysDarkProphecy Adoptable 3 :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 3 12 Pet Project 1 - Monico by DestinysDarkProphecy Pet Project 1 - Monico :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 8 10 The dr X2 by DestinysDarkProphecy The dr X2 :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 7 11 Mintleaf Ref by DestinysDarkProphecy Mintleaf Ref :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 5 1 I will draw your pet by DestinysDarkProphecy I will draw your pet :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 4 21 What about me Yellowfang by DestinysDarkProphecy What about me Yellowfang :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 8 14 Explore it - hate this pic by DestinysDarkProphecy Explore it - hate this pic :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 4 1 Bookmark contest by DestinysDarkProphecy Bookmark contest :icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 2 7
Thrushpelt X Bluefur An Ice-borken heart
        "How can this be?" I whispered under my breath. Leaf-bear was here, no drought about that. With sparkling snow glittering in the ground and the bark of bare trees everywhere you turned made the lands where my Clanmates call home seem like a safe, peaceful wonderland. The world was quite and the aroma of the icy world danced in the claw-cutting cold winds. The howls of the breeze sang in a soothing melody as it ruffled my sandy-colored fur.
        Even with such a lovely surrounding, my heart was like ice, frozen and with the lightest amount of presser, broken beneath anyone's paws. With my soul so cold, I thought I could just die in the coffin of countless snowflakes.  
The only cat I ever wanted to sleep by ever night, ever wanted to share tongues everyday with tell my death, the only she-cat I ever wanted to call my mate is pregnant with another tom's kits. What hurts even more, I don't
:icondestinysdarkprophecy:DestinysDarkProphecy 5 1
What I'm going to draw next:
- Ying Yang Bunnies (fan art for an artest i like)
- Dipper doing the lamby lamby dance Request - Chinch99
- Scourge killing Tzigerstar

Words that speak to me:

"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction."
~ Cowboy saying

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
~ John Adams

“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”
~ Markus Zusak

“It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”
~ André Gide

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
~ Lao Tzu

“It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid.”
~ Publius Syrus

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, It is a thing to be achieved."
~ William Jennings Bryan

“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.”
~ Lady Gaga

“I believed in myself. I never imagined myself as just an ordinary player.”
~ Imram Khan

“The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken.”
~ Henry W. Longfellow

Life Motto: Never take the same rode everyone else takes. You will only get stuck in traffic.


Going Up? by Firestar47 Going Up? :iconfirestar47:Firestar47 4 0 Dear Friends In Higher Places... by Firestar47 Dear Friends In Higher Places... :iconfirestar47:Firestar47 2 0 Honhonhon~ by starbunnieq Honhonhon~ :iconstarbunnieq:starbunnieq 8 7 France by starbunnieq France :iconstarbunnieq:starbunnieq 3 2 Twilight Got Her Wings by starbunnieq
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Twilight Got Her Wings :iconstarbunnieq:starbunnieq 5 16
Viola by starbunnieq Viola :iconstarbunnieq:starbunnieq 2 0 Ships N Shit by Frosted-Colours Ships N Shit :iconfrosted-colours:Frosted-Colours 2 0 Alicorned by CrunchNugget Alicorned :iconcrunchnugget:CrunchNugget 284 82 Spoken Without Words by kiwii-marshmallow Spoken Without Words :iconkiwii-marshmallow:kiwii-marshmallow 122 116 I Don't Like Pistachio -UPDATE by sexee-kakashi I Don't Like Pistachio -UPDATE :iconsexee-kakashi:sexee-kakashi 147 31 Spongebob and Patrick .Poke. by dwightyoakamfan Spongebob and Patrick .Poke. :icondwightyoakamfan:dwightyoakamfan 893 113
It was a beautiful day in japamerica as you strolled gracefully down the street. Your flawlwess, beautiful, silky, flowing, radiant, magnificent locks glistened in the sun and your voluptious, fantastic, super  bodacious bod was making all the men within a 91928 mile radius fap themselves dry as every single woman on the planet hated you for being so perfect and smart and amazingly amazing.
Some player hatin' hoe tossed a bomb at you but you just whipped that shit away with your totally rockin' tits and it flew back incinerating her and a nearby building wich you walked away from in slow motion, too cool and baller to even bother looking back.
This only made Ludwig VanMeinKampf notice you and imediately fall in love.
"Ach du lieber!" He exclaimed, "I can't contain meinself!"
He ran to you also in slow motion as he ripped off his shirt exposing his perfectly rippling man muscles that were oiled up and shimmering sexily. You pretended not to be totally impressed by his fabulous
:iconshugarsketch:ShugarSketch 1,100 969
Do you get to the Cloud District very often by saturnspace Do you get to the Cloud District very often :iconsaturnspace:saturnspace 1,675 138 Don't Leave Me by Derpsonhooves Don't Leave Me :iconderpsonhooves:Derpsonhooves 299 57 HI Doctor by Derpsonhooves HI Doctor :iconderpsonhooves:Derpsonhooves 330 17



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Destiny Hamilton
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United States
Was: - 00GlaceonRoxz00
Scourge RPer: - Ask-Scourge-Warriors
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Writer - Kate-the-Wolf

Get your own unicorn names from The Unicorn Name Generator!My unicorn name is Marigold Sparkle Reins
Marigold is as sweet as a Shetland pony.
She is as sparkly as the milky way,
and she casts mischievous spells.
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:iconpinkiepieportal1plz: I am a Pegasister~ :iconpinkiepieportal2plz:
Someone Give me a brohoof if you are with me!

Well, I was going no where on this account and the fact is. People STILL always bring up my warrior cat-love forever blaaaah!!! The thing is guys, I"M OVER SCOURGE!!! Sure, I think he's badass. Sure, I like him but Swifty is nothing but a memory. I'm 15, give it a rest! Okay. Now that I made my point. All my art on here (not that it's a lot). Dosen't show who I am. I'm not that kid.

I have be came a better artiest. I mean we have all seen my shit on 00GlaceonRoxz00 I mean, I was a 6th grader (I think) when I made it. Grammar wise, point of view wise, I've changed. I am also very well known as Ask-Scourge-Warriors, that was all in fun too.  Thanks for everything. My friends who bother to read this, I will now be The-Equine-Melody. This fits me more. I my two loves, music and riding. Hope to see your comments!


I mean, I have some DA love still but PLEASE PLEASE shut up about the dumbass I was in the past. I don't want that anymore. I love my warrior-cat buddies, I still wanna talk WS but no more "Oh yeah the Scourge lover-chick". I want to be know was my writer name, Nicki or Destiny, my name. No more Swiftstar, Swiftsoul, Swifty, WHATEVER! What happened, happened. I am over that.

Sorry for my rant.

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1) "Donate" the amount of points that match what you wish for me to make
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